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What is PR

The management of communication between an organization and its publics. A profession with a scholarly body of knowledge. A management function rather than a technical communication function alone. Strategic counseling rather than publicity alone. Public relations is most effective when it has a role in strategic decision-making. Rather than waiting outside for others to make strategic decisions. Public Relations Contributes to Strategic Management by:

  1. Participating in management decision-making to identify consequences on publics.
  2. Segmenting stakeholders and publics.
  3. Using communication to cultivate relationships with strategic publics.
  4. Influencing management behavior.
  5. Measuring the quality of relationships.
Important Contributions of Public Relations to Strategic Management: Value of Good Relationships with Strategic Publics Costs of Poor Relationships

Public relations makes an organization more effective, therefore, when it identifies the most strategic publics as part of strategic management processes and conducts communication programs to develop and maintain effective long-term relationships between management and those publics. Strategic public relations consists

  1. Identifying the most strategic publics with which an organization needs to develop a relationship;
  2. Planning, implementing, and evaluating communication programs to build relationships with these publics, and
  3. Measuring and evaluating the long-term relationship between the organization and these strategic publics.

Good communication changes behavior of both management and publics and, therefore, results in good relationships. Public relations professionals need a way to measure relationships as they develop and are maintained rather than waiting to observe the behaviors that may or may not occur as a result of communication programs. The value of public relations can be determined by measuring the quality of relationships with strategic publics. Communication programs can be evaluated by measuring their effects and correlating them with the attributes of a good relations.


communication and the psychology of interpersonal relationships shows that following four outcomes are good indicators of successful interpersonal relationships. Public relations research shows that they apply equally well to organization-public relationships:

Building relationships

Public relations plays a critical role in the crisis response by helping to develop the messages that are sent to various publics. A great deal of research has examined the crisis response. That research has been divided into two sections: (1) the initial crisis response and (2) reputation repair and behavioral intentions. It is important to recognize that do not need relationships with all publics Not all public relations strategies, programs, or campaigns are equally effective in building relationships. Therefore, there are two stages of the public relations process that precede relationship outcomes:

  1. Enviormental scanning to determine the publics with which an organization needs relationships
  2. Public relations processes that are most effective in maintaining relationships with strategic publics.

    • Identify key stakeholders and measure relationships with each separately.
    • Ask qualitative questions about reputation and relationships.
    • Measure relationships quantitatively.
    • Explore cultivation strategies that improve the quality of a relationship.

Principles of Crisis Communication

Relationships and Reputation

This topic looks at Public Relations within an organisation, with special reference to communications and the complexities of communication with multiple audiences in the global information environment. Developing an understanding of the strategic role of PR set in the context of planning, in particular the significance of ethical issues. The concept of reputation has value when used in conjunction with relationships, Competencies in the development, justification and implementation of practical PR approaches and techniques, from crisis management to establishing formal monitoring processes.