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Call for Papers - International Journal of Crisis Management

Public Safety
Disaster, Human Error, Terrorism, Construction Safety, Rescue, Land Development, Public Policy etc.
Enterprise Safety
Enterprise Management, Finance, Insurance, Monetary, Human Resource etc.
Transportation Safety
Transportation Management, ORM, CRM, MRM, Flight Safety Management, Security, Transportation Management, Logistics, Accident Investigation etc.
Industrial Safety
Industrial Engineering, Industrial Safety Management, Dangerous Goods Management, Dangerous Equipment, Electric Safety, Fire/ Explosion Prevention and Mitigation, Fire Control etc.
Information Safety
Information Security, Information System Development, Information Management etc.
National Safety
Military Strategy, Foreign Policy, Domestic Policy, Energy Issues, People’s Livelihood, Political Issues , Economical Development etc.
Occupational Safety
Occupational Health and Safety Management System, Safety Culture, Ergonomics, Work Related Injuries and Illnesses Prevention, Risk Evaluation on Work-Related Health, Workplace Health Promotion, Work Pressure, Indoor Air Quality Control, etc.
Medical Emergency Issues, Regulations, Law, Media & Public Relationship, Emergency Response etc.
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  2. Copyright License Agreement
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  The peer review process is adopted by IJCM.

  1. Papers submitted should be written in English.
  2. The paper should be edited with MS Word processor. 
  3. Submit a thorough yet concise paper. The total length of abstracts should not be more than 150 words, and for the submitted paper, no more than 20 pages. Extra charge will be imposed on over-length papers.
  4. Submit full paper in electronic file with copyright license agreement.
All manuscripts should be submitted to ICMA Secretariat (info@icma.org.uk) in electronic format.