Links and Resources
AKADEUS The job opportunities within the sector of Business Schools
  Crisis Management Resources
Institute of Hazardous Materials Management IHMM is to identify, evaluate and eliminate or reduce the risks involved.
Crisis Prevention Institute An training organization that specializes in safe management
Crisis Management International A global consulting firm based in U.S.A.
Crisis Management Institute A firm specialized in school crisis planning
National Association of School Psychologists Help children and youth to cope with traumatic or unsettling events
Ross Campbell & Associates Crisis Management Provide planning and trainingbfor crisis management and recovery.
Risk Management Associates Accident Analysis, simulation, visualization, accident management, training
Crisis Management Initiative An Independent Finnish Organisation That Helps Conflict Parties Settle Their Differences.
  Crisis Management Programs
Emergency Management Institute Training and Education in Emergency Management
MU fire and Training Rescue Institute The Institute offers continuing professional education
The Corporate Crisis Response Officers Association Position in local preparedness and response
  Related Organizations
Global Association of Risk Professionals ARP advance the risk profession through education and training
Emergency Management in Australia emergency management information from the Australian Government
Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management An UK Registered Charity
National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians NAEMT is a national association for  emergency medical services in the United States
The International Trauma and Disaster Institute An academic center for trauma and disaster education, preparedness and response.
Illinois Crisis Negotiators Association Provides Crisis Negotiation training.
Indiana Association of Hostage in the field of Hostage/Crisis Negotiations.
Public Risk Management Association Headquartered in Alexandria, VA
  Related Publications
Crisis Management Initiative An independent non-profit organisation based in Finland
DERA Reference Library The Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association in U.S.A.
IPA Publications Institute of Public Affairs, Australia
Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management The George Washington University Institute
FEMA Disaster Information Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Journal of Risk and Crisis Communication International Association of Risk And Crisis Communication, Switzerland