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The general mission of the ICMA is to promote the study of crisis management throughout the world in the relevant academic disciplines, by such means as:

  • encouraging the establishment and development of national associations of crisis management specialists;

  • facilitating the spread of information about significant developments in research and education in the field of crisis management;

  • organising worldwide and regional Congresses and publishing their proceedings; and

  • promoting internationally planned research, by such means as organising study groups on particular topics.

The Association’s members are worldwide including prominent crisis management scholars and practitioners. Subjects such as Crisis Prevention, Crisis Management Plan, Operational Risk Management, Crisis Decision Making, Emergency Response, Crisis Management Team, Crisis Recovery, Crisis Communication, Incident Command System, Vulnerability Analysis, Media Management, Dangerous Goods Management, Safety Culture, Error Management, Threat and Error Management, Enterprise Crisis Management Mode, Software Project Risk Prevention, Hazard Identification, National Safety, Security Management, Public Safety, Enterprise Safety, Information Safety, Industrial Safety, and many other topics are largely discussed during its congresses.