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Types of Membership

National member organisations

National membership is open to national or regional (i.e. a group of countries in the same geographical area) crisis management associations, the primary purpose of which is the advancement of knowledge and research in the crisis management field. However, ICMA accepts only one National Member Association per country. The application form can be received from the secretariat for membership approval. National Associations of not yet affiliated countries wishing to become ICMA members can contact


Corporate Membership is primarily for organisations in countries without a National Member Association, as Membership of the National Association includes indirect membership of ICMA. Institutional associate membership is open to Universities and colleges or departments thereof and other research institutes concerned with the scholarly study of crisis management.

To become a Corporate Member, contact the ICMA secretariat. All applications for Corporate Membership are considered by the Board of Directors.


Consultant Membership is primarily for experts or professionals in a specific field of crisis management such as Crisis Prevention, Crisis De-escalation, Crisis Intervention, Post-Crisis Intervention, Crisis Decision Making, Crisis Communication, Incident Command System, Vulnerability Analysis, Operational Risk Management, National Safety, Transportation Safety, Public Safety, Enterprise Safety, Information Safety, Industrial Safety, and many other topics.

To become an ICMA Consultant Member should fulfill the required standards of consultant in accordance with ICMA directive of certification system.


Individual membership is open to persons engaged in crisis management research or teaching activities in academic or research institutions, as well as practitioners in the crisis management field. ICMA only accepts direct individual members if there is no Member Association in their country. Membership in a National Member Association includes indirect membership of ICMA.

To become an Individual Member of ICMA please complete the registration form and send it to the ICMA secretariat. There are no specific entry criteria, individual membership is open to anyone who has an interest in crisis management.